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16th U. S. Infantry

Brantford, Ontario

Contact & Email: Captain James Braundus16th1812[at]yahoo[dot]ca     

The 16th portrays a light infantry unit.

17th U. S. Infantry / Croghan's Company

St. Thomas Ontario (covering area from Lemington to Woodstock)

Contact & Email: Captain John Goldsworthy - Croghan1812[at]hotmail[dot]com

Facebook: Croghan's Company of Reenactors

Website: Croghan's Company of Reenactors

The 17th portrays a line infantry unit. 

21st U. S. Infantry

Mississauga, Ontario

Contact & Email: Mike Mordenmmorden[at]rogers[dot]com

Facebook: US 21st Inf Regiment

The 21st portrays a line infantry unit.


22nd U. S. Infantry / Henderson's Company

Greater Toronto Area

Contact & Email: Captain Ollie Claffeyoclaffey[at]rogers[dot]com


The 22nd portrays a line infantry unit. 

25th US Infantry – Ketchum’s Light Coy

Location: Brantford, Ontario

Contact Person & Email: Capt. Neil Hurlbut - hurlbutn[at]gmail[dot]com

Website: None

Social Media: None

Additional information: None

Date Updated: 12/28/21

Canadian U. S. Volunteers

Greater Toronto Area

Contact & Email: Major Phillip Edwardsphilipcharlesedwards[at]gmail[dot]com

Facebook: Canadianvolunteers1812

The Canadian volunteers portray a militia line unit. This unit was made up of British citizens who fought for the United States.


1st Kentucky Rifles Militia / Hickman's Company

Southern Ontario

Contact & Email: Shawn[at]gmail[dot]com


The Kentucky rifles portray a militia light infantry unit.

Background photo by Willow Photos

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