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Unit Name: 1812 US Marine Guard

Location: New England

Contact Person & Email: Colin Murphyusmarine1814[at]yahoo[dot]com


Social Media: Instagram

Additional information: None

Date Updated: 09/11/21

Unit Name: US Marines Brooks Detachment

Location: Michigan

Contact Person & Email: Roger Heipelrogerheiple[at]hotmail[dot]com

Website: None

Social Media: Facebook1, facebook2

Additional information: None

Date Updated: 09/13/21

Unit Name: USS Constitution 1812 Marine Guard

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Contact Person & Email: Stan Kumar - Lieut.Kumor[at]1812marines[dot]org



Social Media: Facebook

Additional information: Includes Sackets Harbor Marines

Date Updated: 09/13/21

Background photo by Lisa C. Brown

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