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Unit Name: Calvert-Arundel Swordsmen

Location: Maryland

Contact Person & Email: Greg DavisArkhamAslm[at]aol[dot]com

Website: None

Social Media: Facebook

Additional information: We’re in the year 1814, portraying members of Barney’s irregulars, who manned the barges to try to stop the British invasion of the Chesapeake Bay. We focus on either of the time periods immediately following the Battle of St. Leonard’s Creek or the Battle of Bladensburg.

Date Updated: 09/11/21

Unit Name: Company of and Miners, Sappers & Bombardiers

Location: Southern Ontario

Contact Person & Email: Patrick Bartlettcmsb1814[at]gmail[dot]com


Social Media: Facebook Instagram Twitter

Additional information: None

Date Updated: 12/28/21

Unit Name: Fort McHenry Guard

Location: Maryland

Contact Person & Email: Tim ErtelTimothy_Ertel[at]nps[dot]gov


Social Media: Facebook

Additional information: Representing the soldiers and sailors of Fort McHenry and the citizens of Baltimore from the War of 1812 to World War II.

Date Updated: 09/23/21

Unit Name: U.S. Brig Niagara

Location: Erie, PA

Contact Person & Email: info[at]sailfnl[dot]org


Social Media: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram

Additional information: The Flagship Niagara League is a Non-Profit tasked with preserving the art of historical seamanship. The league maintains and operates the US BRIG NIAGARA and the LETTIE G HOWARD out of Erie PA.

Date Updated: 12/12/21

Background photo by Lisa C. Brown

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